“the only way to do great job is to love what you do.” (Steve Jobs) to really make this happen?

SoulManagement is the answer. Fully respecting all the other existing managerial techniques (more...), this surprising philosophy reveals, to C-level manager and entrepreneurs all over the world, a truly winning and unprecedented path!

From his first position as CEO (at just 29 years of age), through various international experiences, studies and research, Luigi Manfredotti presents, in his first book, the 3 ethical principles of soulManagement, a genuine (r)Evolution which has earned him work and a wonderful life!

At 48 with the book “the Art of management” Luigi therefore presents a highly successful personal and company technique.

“...we have to stop regarding the professional sphere as something opposed to the personal sphere: soulManagement reveals the “missing link”, and surprisingly with no contraindication!”

“...any corporate problem, its reflexes having a personal nature, etc., already contains a solution: soulManagement shows us how to find it, always!”

“...there cannot be true corporate success without true, more profound personal success!”

“ this way, SoulManagement solves the equation: we all win!”

“...soulManagement: simple! Instant! Worldwide!






SoulManagement is a genuine “school of managerial thought” which surprisingly does not oppose or replace any other existing operative technique, but quite the opposite, if it is applied well, it integrates into corporate management in a simple and rapid way, nevertheless making it infinitely more profitable and rewarding.

In addition, soulManagement has universal efficacy in that it has a neutral position as regards any political or religious principle.

Lastly, soulManagement can be employed in every managerial position starting from the reading of the very first pages in the book, simply by implementing, for oneself and for the company one manages, the principles and the profound ethical values of this innovative managerial philosophy.

All the soulManagement “products/services”, the book, the association and the consulting company will donate a set amount of 1% of its profits (net worth) to sustainable humanitarian projects organised by a major international organization, to help solve the world problems such as peace, diseases, water, education, etc...




“The Art of management” presents 3 surprising innovations:

  • INNOVATION 1: the content, soulManagement, winning school of managerial thought;

  • INNOVATION 2: the reading, defined by the author as “sensory reading”, a revolution in the way of writing and therefore reading a book;

  • INNOVATION 3: the design, with an exclusive hi-tech packaging, customisable, state-of-the-art, a real object of modern Art.

The book is dedicated to all C-level manager and the many illuminated entrepreneurs around the world. It is a precious document dedicated to bold and authoritative men.

This book support, motivate and guide their decisions, to achieve a more ethical global economic development, which is conscientious, and therefore offers more success and wellbeing for all.

Thus the book offers a proper “decision model” at every level, in full compliance with the value and business profit logic.


“ illuminating work, “sensorial ” reading, which solves an ancient dilemma for top-managers and success entrepreneurs worldwide...”

“...simply an extraordinary management technique that creates corporate value and long-lasting success...

“...a very efficient masterpiece for a self-fulfilling life covering 360 degrees...”


“...a book that is different from any other: exclusive, precious and penetrating!”

“...a book for successful man that shows us which values are to be pursued in order to attain a new phase of global economic development...”

“...finally a book, within the professional field, whose reading gives extraordinary pleasure!”

“...perfect for those who have no time to read!”

The interviews, articles and opinions of famous managers and entrepreneurs, a combination of extraordinary ideas and visions, collected in a chapter in the book, are all ascribable, in different aspects, to the principles of soulManagement, from which it draws strength and even greater applicability, thus transforming itself into a very effective (r)Evolution at an entrepreneurial, managerial and global level.


Luigi Manfredotti


Now the founder of “soulManagement” (with the presentation of his first book “The Art of management”, and soon with the company NÉOS and the association sM.i.A) he has always passionately devoted himself to problem solving (problem≡opportunity) in well-established international companies, motivating the management and entrepreneurs to seeking within the only answers that can create value and long-lasting corporate success as well as an exciting self-fulfilling life covering 360 degrees.

Luigi Manfredotti


“I define myself as a "mentor-innovator", I am what I do, and therefore I do what I truly love, and I do it well! I motivate successful people to wellbeing and, with passion, to the sharing of profound values.”


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Firma Luigi Manfredotti

Luigi Manfredotti


skype: luigimanfredotti




After the launch of the book, by the end of 2018, in 2019 the “soulManagement International Association” (sM.i.A) will be presented; it is dedicated to manager, entrepreneurs, board members, shareholders and leading corporations worldwide.

Like the book, even the association will be absolutely exclusive, pleasantly and totally innovative...

The Mission of sM.i.A . is to stimulate the diffusion of new principles and entrepreneurial values, which, respecting the natural objectives of profit and corporate success, aim to update profoundly all the other “rules of the game”, for “definitive” economic development: ethical, responsible, finally innovative and consequently of greater success and wellbeing for us all.

Even sM.i.A, like soulManagement and its three ethical principles, is founded on 3 statutory principles which guide the actions of each partner:

sM.i.A rigorously evaluates every request for adherence to make sure:

“ unite and attract the best minds and international professional skills in the association...”

“ unite and attract the best companies, and world leaders in every type of sector in the association...”

sM.i.A, which is synonymous with international excellence, is set as the second statutory objective:

“ diffuse the inspiring principles and profound ethical values of soulManagement, through the association, its services and the work of its partners.”

“ bring to standards and publish (according to the laws and regulations in force in each country) each managerial theory, book, research or fieldwork, drawing inspiration from the principles of soulManagement, which partners or companies outside sM.i.A freely decide to share and diffuse by means of the association.”

sM.i.A is tenaciously engaged in solid objectives, the first of which is to favour ethical, as well as profitable, economic innovation:

“...the association combines, stimulates and diffuses successful ideas developed by successful men, drawing inspiration from the principles of soulManagement.”

“...the association sets itself as a powerful catalysing instrument of economic innovation at the disposal of partners first.”

“...all the initiatives and services that the association reserves for clients only have as their main objective the search and creation of business value on the basis of the inspiring principles of soulManagement.”




“...among the difficulties you will find opportunities...” (Albert Einstein)


Néos, the Greek for “innovation” is an international consultancy company that has deep cultural and professional roots yet an entirely new and successful vision.

Its knowledge network based services are dedicated to C-level managers and to the entrepreneurs of the most prestigious international companies.

Néos products, upon request and exclusively “tailor made”, spur the management (in strategic, operative, organizational, financial, etc. problem-solving) into searching within for the only answers that are able to create value and long-lasting business success.

Néos is therefore synonymous with excellence and innovation.